Benton (Ben) A. Vizzier, Jr.

ben [at] vizzier [dot] com


2010-Present: Gridata, Inc, Santa Cruz, CA

Quality Assurance and Operations Manager

Gridata is an early stage start up developing software for both cloud based SaaS and embedded products that provide monitoring, analytics and control of power/energy, temperature, humidity, and other devices and sensors. Responsibilities include:

    • Developing of company’s quality assurance and release procedures and processes.
    • Building a Quality Assurance organization.
    • Working with the development and test teams to develop testing processes and procedures and test plans. Participate in testing and test development as needed.
    • Working directly with OEMs and customers to that product issues are reported, isolated and resolved.
    • Ensuring cloud based deployment is running correctly, responsively, and monitoring and early detection of any issues.
    • Managing the team’s build, configuration management, bug/defect tracking tools, and quality assurance tools.
    • Managing of Linux servers including system configuration for development, testing and deployment.
    • Scheduling of testing and deployments.

2008-2009: SiCortex, Inc, Sunnyvale, CA

Technical Program Manager

SiCortex, Inc acquired the compiler business from QLogic. Added responsibilities include:

    • Program Management: Field Trial/Beta manager for SiCortex Operating System
    • Customer Support: Actively participated in providing support for SiCortex systems and the PathScale Compiler Suite x86 product.

2006-2008: QLogic Corporation, Mountain View, CA

Engineering Manager

QLogic acquired PathScale, Inc in April 2006. Added responsibilities include:

    • ISO 9001 manager and ISO 14001 internal auditor for QLogic Mountain View, CA

2004-2006: PathScale Inc, Mountain View, CA

Engineering Services Manager

Program Manager/Software Release Manager:

    • Successfully managed development and release 14 major releases of the PathScale Compiler Suite and three releases of the PathScale InfiniPath InfiniBand software stack, including beta phases with release cycles ranging from bi-weekly to semi-annual.
    • Worked closely with Engineering, Support, Marketing, IT, and Sales to set priorities for products, established and tracked schedules, and ensured adequate test coverage for both patches and product releases.
    • Worked closely with all aspects of the organization and levels of management to help manage risk, communicate status, and facilitate resolution to issues.
    • Monitored bug reports to help identify potential impact to schedules.
    • Monitored bug reports and customer support for ideas to help improved the products.
    • Maintained product roadmaps and schedule including both short and long term goals.
    • Developed tools to aid in reporting the product’s status.
    • Developed and maintained procedures and processes surrounding product release.
    • Worked with third party partners to ensure schedules and goals were being met.
    • Managed early access and beta programs for products.
    • Ensured compliance with third party licenses including various open source licenses.

Quality Assurance Manager:

    • Managed the Quality Assurance personnel for the PathScale Compiler Suite. Oversaw the development of automated test harnesses, and expansion of test suites covering compatibility, conformance, regression, and performance tests.
    • Monitored bug reports and customer support requests for areas that needed improvement.

Technical Writing Manager:

    • Managed full time and contractor technical writers for the PathScale Compiler Suite.

Customer Support

    • Assisted with customer support as needed.

1992-2004: Sun Microsystems Inc.

2000-2004: Quality Assurance and Release Manager, Sun Labs, Menlo Park, CA

    • Worked on a research product to develop a massively parallel processor system to simulate processors in the early (RTL) stages  of design.
    • Managed beta releases of the product to customers.
    • Managed Quality Assurance team including Australia based contractors.
    • Managed Lab System Administrator.
    • Primary focus was full system test for correctness and performance, including the Verilog compiler and the simulation environments.
    • Managed the team’s build, configuration management, bug/defect tracking tools, and quality assurance tools.
    • Initially developed the distributed build, test and release infrastructure using standard Solaris (Unix) tools.
    • Developed and maintained the teams product development and release procedures and processes.

1997-2000: Customer Escalation Manager, Menlo Park, CA

    • Served as support escalation/project manager for the Sun Microsystems C and C++ compilers.
    • Worked closely with software development, support, sales, and quality assurance organizations to prioritize customer reported bugs, coordinate and test patches, and help identify features for future releases of the product.

1992-1997: Pre-Sales Systems Engineer, Huntsville, AL

    • Worked with the sales force, customers, OEMs, ISVs, and third parties to help identify and satisfy customer needs by recommending systems, options, and software.
    • Worked in government, education, manufacturing, and independent software vendor sectors.
    • Developed customer presentations on the company’s products and technologies.
    • Developed and coordinated contents and technical aspects of booths for local computer shows including annual IEEE Computer Show in Huntsville, AL
    • Worked with field support organizations to ensure customer issues were addressed in a timely manner.
    • Was responsible for the system administration of the local office servers and desktops.

1986-1992: Boeing Computer Support Services, Marshall Space Flight Center, AL

Computer Scientist

    • Worked directly with engineers from multiple disciplines to collect specifications for large scale, high fidelity simulation software, and then worked as project lead to develop the software. Disciplines include continuous simulation, thermal analysis, and aerodynamic simulation.
    • Software ran on a variety of systems ranging from Cray supercomputers, IBM mainframes, DEC systems, and personal computers.
    • Responsible for system administration of a number of Unix based systems.

1985-1986: General Electric, Daytona Beach, FL 

Member of the Technical Staff 

Worked on the development of the display infrastructure and message catalog for a propulsion control system to run a highly specialized embedded control system for the U.S. Navy.

1983-1985: Teledyne Brown Engineering, Huntsville, AL 

Member of the Technical Staff 

Developed software for high and medium fidelity phased array radar simulation working with a small team of engineers, and physicists for the U.S. Air Force. Software was developed in Fortran and ran on a mixture of DEC VAX and CDC systems.

1983: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/CDSI, Huntsville, AL

Graduate Co-op/Member of the Technical Staff

Assisted with development and maintenance of structural analysis software and terrain analysis software based on Landsat data.

1982: AVCO Electronics, Huntsville, AL

Entry level Software Development

    • Developed software to populate databases for an airport facility control, monitoring, and information system.
    • Responsible for managing nightly backup of PDP-11 and VAX systems.

Marshall Durbin Companies, Birmingham, AL and Jackson, MS

Summer Intern (multiple summers)

    • Developed program to optimize product mix from further processing using linear optimization techniques.
    • Assistant quality control inspector and lab technician for chicken processing plant.



  • Linux, Mac OS X, IOS, Solaris, Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Project, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Unix shell scripting (bash, csh), SQL (MySQL, SQLite), PHP, Python
  • C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran
  • Various Unix utilities (ex: maven, make, sed, awk, diff, gnuplot)
  • Packaging: RPM, Debian Packages, Solaris Packages
  • Configuration management systems (Mercurial,  Bitkeeper, Teamware, SCCS, ClearCase, Subversion, Git)
  • Defect tracking (Jira, Bugzilla, Sun’s Bugtraq, GTbug)
  • Other: Various Wikis, HTML/XHTML, XML, Javascript, AppleScript, WordPress, Drupal.


  • Postgraduate work at University of Alabama in Hutnsville
  • M.S. Computer Science: University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, AL
  • B.S. Molecular Biology: Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN


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